Creating Your Video

The Video Production Process Explained

We work closely with our clients to gain an in depth knowledge of the veterinary practice in order to create engaging videos to tell their story with enthusiasm and passion that pet and animal owners will find compelling.

We give our clients so much more than a video production service – our real business experience and background in Neuro Linguistic Programming give us a unique perspective in video production, meaning that we can provide a consultive relationship from scripting using influencing language to advice on the best use of your finished video.

There are 4 distinct stages to consider when planning your video Рhere is a guide to help you understand the process.

Video pre production and development iconPRE-PRODUCTION & PLANNING

This is the starting point, the planning and preparation stage of the project when we do our research and work with you to form the structure of the videos you want to create. We help you script the project if you wish to have a narrative to your film and establish a style. We create a storyboard to determine what resources you might need on the shoot day(s) and create a blueprint for the video and schedule.

Video production iconPRODUCTION

This stage is where we implement all of the planning – we shoot the scenes taken from the blueprint created at the pre-production stage and film the script. We organize and manage every aspect of the physical production to ensure we achieve what was agreed.

Video post production iconPOST-PRODUCTION

The editing stage is where we ingest the shot footage and begin to assemble each video. We work with you to review and approve the shots and sequence and refine each video adding titles, logos, voice over, licensed music and any other identity branding you require.

Video delivery and distribution iconDELIVERY & DISTRIBUTION

Once completed there are a range of options for how you can use and where you can place your video and we can advise on the most suitable for you.